Savin Carpet is a family owned business dedicated to quality, service and a pursuit of excellence. Generation of skilled local employees have ensured only the finest carpet bear the SAVIN name. During quarter of century manufacturing the Savin brand has become synonymous for its high quality products, its innovative & vast design and color bank. To achieve this level of quality we control every part of the manufacturing process within our group from buying right quality of Acrylic fiber, PET granulate, PP granulate, Master batches, Dyestuff, and processing all these at our own dyeing and spinning sites in Abhar (Razi Abhar Textile Company) & Ghaemshahr (Savin Tab Company). The quality of Savin Carpet products is not just defined by strict manufacturing standards, but also by the exceptional level of designs. Our talented team of designers, work closely with our customers to achieve spectacular results from a plain sketch. These design capabilities, combined with the high level of services we offer are the reasons many prestigious customers continue to work with us. The entire products of Savin Carpet Co. hold the national standards code from ISIRI, Quality Management International Certificate ISO 9001-2008 and a member of the worldwide IQNet certification. These awards and honors so far, are part of our company’s managers & personnel’s achievements. Our products will be found wherever discerning customers value the quality & luxury of a Savin Carpet. The followings are the famous qualitative product specifications and related collections with high reputation: QUALITY: Reeds 1000 Density 3000 COLLECTION:Pars QUALITY:Reeds 700 Density 2100 COLLECTION:Modern, Patineh1 QUALITY:Reeds 700 Density 3300 COLLECTION:Genjineh QUALITY:Reeds 700 Density 2550 COLLECTION:Zarin QUALITY:Reeds 500 Density 2000 COLLECTION:Abgineh QUALITY:Reeds 320 Density 960 COLLECTION:Gabbeh, Sadaf, Psargad, Golestan, Patineh, Pazirik, kid, Arghavan QUALITY:Reeds 315 Density 900 COLLECTION:Adena, Kid, Savin Metal One of the objectives of Savin Carpet is to engage in foreign markets besides local markets, so this company in order to identify new business opportunities in international markets have concrete plan for participating in global exhibitions annually and presenting products according to customer needs. Establish and implement effective sale strategies and marketing plans for developing and maintaining network of global contacts with companies from Asia, The Middle East, Europe and America is frontispiece of Savin Carpet activities. Savin Carpet Co. always has done its best to create diversity and innovation as well as response to different tastes of its esteemed consumers, so that every individual with any taste would be able to find their most favorite carpet among Savin traditional and modern products collections, because: We Have Woven a Carpet for Every Taste  
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