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1. Savin Tab Co.

Savin Tab was established in 1998 aiming at global markets and manufacturing a variety of 100% cotton yard, cotton/polyester blend, viscose/polyester blend, 100% viscose yarn and acrylic on different grades according to the national and international standards. The Savin Tab factory is located in GhaemShahr, Mazandaran province. The annual production capacity is 5000 ton of yard in a variety of grades from 10Ne to 40Ne in the form of single-ply and two-ply. The yarn produced by this company is mainly used for weaving circular knit and warp knit fabrics. The quality of yarn produced by Savin Tab is so widely known in the Iranian market that fabric manufacturers always prefer to purchase a product holding the Savin Tab mark. In Savin Tab factory, the most modern cotton-spinning machinery from open-end and ring have been installed. The opening section and spinning machinery have been supplied by Trutzschler and Schlafhorst (Oerlikon) respectively. Furthermore, the draw-winding and two-ply twisting machinery have been purchased from SSM and Volkman. In 2008, the ring spinning system was launched. It benefits from the world latest technology, the opening section of which belongs to Trutzschler and the auto-coner machine has been supplied by Schlafhorst. By executing this development project since 2008, the daily production capacity has been increased approximately by 30%. The major suppliers of polyester and viscose for our production line are the Saudi Arabia’s Sabic, Indonesia’s South Pacific, Indorama, and Lenzing. A great portion of the cotton needed in the production line is supplied by Uzbekistan. By setting up the quality management system ISO 9001-2000 and employing a group of highly experienced hardworking specialists as well as continuous monitoring over products, Savin Tab Co. has been providing its customers with products of highest possible quality. To this very end, our company has, over consecutive years, been elected the top quality producer in Mazandaran, also winning the first Belcoro quality standard in Iran.

2. Fartab Manufacturing and Industry Co.

Fartab Manufacturing and Industry Co. was established in 1995 aimed to produce BCF yarn (Bulked Continuous Filament) from polypropylene granules and its synthesis with masterbatch, which will finally be used for manufacturing carpets. The production capacity of this factory is about 8000 ton yard in different deniers (1600, 1800 and 2400) and a variety of colors requested by customers. The factory production hall of the company has been built on a 70,000 meters square land in Abhar. The machinery of this complex has been chosen from the most advanced systems in Europe. The production process of yard from feeding PP granules, feeding mastebatch and producing cotton reels are entirely automated. All the operational stages such as setting temperature, pressure, grade, denier and tension ratio of the yarn are conducted by a central computer program, which may automatically apply any new settings if necessary. Although our customers are mainly foreign companies, substantial orders are as well received from neighboring countries like Azerbaijan and Turkey. With regard to the growing changes in quality, the type of yarn used for manufacturing carpets, Fartab heatsets all the BCF yarn by German modern machinery before the product is introduced to the market. The major foreign suppliers of raw materials for Fartab Co. are Sabic, SK, KPIC, and Schill & Seilacher. The home suppliers in Iran include Arak Petrochemical Co., Maroon Petrochemical Co., Navid Zar Shimi Co. and Lunafam Co.

3. Razi Textile Co.

Razi Textile Company is one of the largest manufactures of acrylic yarn for carpets. The factory is located in Abhar, Zanjan province, about 200 kilometers away from Tehran. With an annual production capacity of about 7000 tons, Razi Textile has the most modern European machinery purchased from well-known companies such as Volkman, Oerlikon, Sant Andria, Gaudino, Krantz, Obem, Heretg Hollingsworth and Gilbos. Equipped with the world latest machinery, Razi Textile Company is capable of dyeing acrylic and polyester fibers in high quality. In addition to domestic sale, the yarn produced by Razi is exported to a few countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, etc. The sum of 300 billion Rials has been invested in this company built on a land of 100,000 meters square. By executing the recent development project in the factory, Razi produces a variety of 3-ply yarn (18 wpi) with highest possible quality to be introduced to the market. Razi Textile Co. occasionally imports the acrylic fibers used in production lines from widely-known manufacturers throughout the world. The major suppliers of acrylic fibers are Dralon, Montefibre, Marubeni and Toyota. Concerning the direct connection between quality of the raw materials and quality of the produced yarn, the Foreign Orders Department has been very fastidious in selecting the appropriate suppliers of acrylic fibers. In fact, Razi tries to deal only with companies brightly experienced in production, transport and delivery of high-quality fibers.


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