Objectives of Savin Carpet


Objectives of Savin Carpet
The objective of Savin Carpet is to engage in domestic and foreign markets, presenting products according to national and international standards as well as customer needs. To that end, Savin has been making great effort to improve the quality of its products and ensure customer satisfaction through employment of the world latest technology based on innovation and experience of hardworking specialists. There are several objectives that Savin Carpet pursues as below:
- Promote the culture of standardization with respect to the goods manufactured inside the country
- Manufacture products of highest quality standards and provide services to customers as the major commitment of the company
- Training, growth and development of technical knowledge in managers and the personnel.
- Gain further customer trust and satisfaction
- Manufacture products with regard to customer needs (in terms of color, design, pattern, dimensions, etc) in order to increase the company’s market share.
- Purchase the required machinery for new production lines and enhance the diversity of products in order to efficiently response to customer tastes at national and international levels.

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