About Savin Carpet

1. Backed by its experience of more than a quarter-century, Savin Carpet Co. is the first manufacturer of 30 and 60-color carpets, exporting products to 5 continents. We manufacture carpets for various tastes, employing expert personnel as well as the latest machinery and modern technology.

Along with pioneers of the world carpet industry, this group has made efforts to ensure customer satisfaction by presenting products in accordance with global standards of production and supply. Therefore, the entire products of Savin Carpet hold the national coat of standards from ISIRI, international certificate of quality management ISO 9001-2000, BELCORO quality standards from Germany for excellence quality and a member of the Worldwide IQNet certification. All these awards and honors achieved so far have demonstrated great success resulted from hard work and effort made by managers and personnel of our company.

Savin Carpet products are offered throughout the Iranian market as a number of famous collections including Tarmeh, Royal, Oriental, Cashmere, Merinos, Harmony, Crystal, Shenel, Venus, Kerman, Qashgai, Chocolate and Kudak, each of which come with different prices and specifications.

Savin Group has always done its best to create diversity and innovation as well as to response to different tastes of the respected consumers, so that every individual with any taste would be able to find their most favorite carpet among Savin traditional and modern products, since “We have woven a carpet for every taste.”

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Savin Carpet