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Aiming to manufacture different kinds of carpets ranging from high-quality luxury models to average-quality ones with reasonable prices, Savin Carpet Co. was established in 1998. The annual production capacity of our factory located near the Caspian Sea is about 2,500,000 square meters. Savin Carpet is a popular widely-known brand both in the home and foreign markets.

The carpet-weaving machines have been supplied by Schonherr and Van De Wiele. They are completely automated and computerized, equipped with the world latest technology. The carpet designs are prepared by skilled designers at our principal office. The rest of the process up to transforming the designs into perfect modern carpets are carried out by weaving machines inside the factory. The carpet finishing line has been supplied by Sellers, Handssaeme and Titan.

Our factory’s machinery and equipments are capable of producing carpets with knot density ranging from 600 to 1700, including highly modern kilim rugs. Savin Carpet products are offered throughout the market as a number of famous collections such as Tarmeh, Royal, Oriental, Cashmere, Merinos, Harmony, Crystal, Shenel, Venus, Kerman, Qashgai, Chocolate and Kudak, each of which come with different prices and specifications.By setting up the quality management system ISO 9001-2000 and employing a dynamic Research and Development team, we are proud that Savin has taken a great step toward creating diversity well recognized in the market and gaining customer satisfaction both inside and outside the country.

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